PHILOSOPHY An efficient, personalised and preventive service


and to this end we go to great lengths in assisting them, offering an efficient service perfectly adapted to their needs. And we do it by adhering to four main values:

And we do it by adhering to four main values:





We defend these values with a commitment to carrying out our work with utmost dedication and diligence, to find solutions that best fit the requirements of our clients. 

In order to do so, whenever possible we use techniques aimed at anticipating and preventing any legal problems and conflicts. Similarly, where appropriate, we aim to minimise legal risks and maximise rights and negotiated outcomes to existing conflicts:  


We cover all the problems that an entrepreneur may have

It is no good waiting for the conflict to arise.
It is better to be prepared in order to plan the best response

Es mejor estar preparados para poder planificar la mejor respuesta

METHODOLOGY Having a systematic working methodology allows us to obtain the best results.


First contact

The client may arrive at Sirvent & Granados by various routes. However, in all cases, we arrange an appointment to meet in person as soon as possible after the initial request for help


First meeting in person

In the first meeting in person, the client explains what their problem is and provides any documentation necessary for exploring the best avenues. The lawyer assigned by Sirvent & Granados will always be an expert in the relevant area, who will evaluate the situation, issue a report and determine the viability or otherwise of legal support.


Delivery of estimated costs

A further meeting is arranged with the client in order to communicate initial conclusions regarding their case and the possibility, or otherwise, of being able to take it on.

In the event that it is deemed feasible, the client is given a professional assignment sheet and a breakdown of estimated costs. We generally work to fixed quotes, and they also list accepted payment methods.

If, on the contrary, our specialists consider that the case is not legally viable, the reasons will be explained in detail to the client.



Once the client accepts the professional assignment sheet and quote, the assigned attorney will begin work on their legal matter.

Throughout proceedings pertaining to the matter, the client will be kept informed of progress.

At the time proceedings come to an end, another meeting will be held with the client, where they will be informed of the result and the different paths to follow