The specialisation of our professionals is well-known. With more than 25 years of experience advising companies, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution for the legal requirements of your corporate life.

To do this, we have a multidisciplinary and well-coordinated team, comprising lawyers and economists along with specialists in finance, business administration and management.

This cast of professionals makes it possible to advise on the entire range of business, financial and commercial situations that constitute the day-to-day of companies and their managing bodies, acting as legal advisers and, as the case may be, non-member secretaries of the company's Board of Directors.

What can we do for you?

Ongoing support and advice is the ideal solution for a good entrepreneur: limiting your responsibility is nowadays an absolute necessity.






The family business has great significance for the economy of our Autonomous Community. For this reason, our practice in the family business has broad and extensive experience in advising this type of company in everything related to its management, administration and succession.

This is why we consider it essential to draw up family protocols and other covenants that establish operating rules, in order to ensure the peaceful continuity of the company or to preempt possible conflicts of interest that may occur, applying the corresponding response mechanisms.


We are characterised by our commitment to the protection of the rights of individuals and companies with regard to banking practices, providing both defence and specialised legal advice in relation to this.

Our long and extensive experience dealing with the commercialisation of toxic products (swaps, preferred shares, subordinated obligations, multi-currency mortgages, structured products, convertible bonds, floor clauses...) has consolidated our reputation as one of the leading and most successful law firms for such issues, showing our unwavering mission to defend the individual consumer and SMEs.

Within this branch of law, we have extensive experience in representing, negotiating and advising on bank refinancing, debt restructuring and assignment, as well as legal assistance in any type of lawsuit related to foreclosure or pecuniary claims or any another type, ensuring that our training represents an additional guarantee for our clients.


As business experts, special mention must be made regarding bankruptcy law. The work of our professionals focuses both on pre-bankruptcy advice, carrying out the necessary reviews to detect and assess risks and propose appropriate measures to correct them, as well as bankruptcy advice. The latter involves advising both the bankrupt in claims, agreements, settlement plans and bankruptcy incidents, with particular attention given to evaluating the possible liability of the administrative bodies, and also the creditors, in the communication and recognition of the credit provided and possible bankruptcy incidents, along with their monitoring and all associated procedures until objectives are achieved.

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What can we do for you?

We want to listen to you and answer any queries you have.

For this reason, we invite you to contact us and tell us about your case so that we may give you a personalised response that is tailored to your needs.

If you wish to know about our way of working, we will tell you about our methodology..

“Los datos personales cumplimentados en el presente documento, así como los datos que nos suministren a lo largo de la relación con el presente DESPACHO se incorporarán a los ficheros de los que es titular SIRVENT & GRANADOS ABOGADOS, S.L.P., con la finalidad de prestarle el servicio o consulta jurídica solicitada.

Asimismo, consiente expresamente que los datos de salud, afiliación sindical, creencias, origen racial o étnico, vida sexual, ideología o religión necesarios para la prestación del servicio jurídico se incluyan en nuestros ficheros. Los datos que nos suministren podrán ser comunicados a colaboradores y procuradores, elegidos por el presente despacho, cuando dicha cesión de datos sea necesaria para prestarles dichos servicios, cediéndose en tales supuestos, única y exclusivamente los datos estrictamente necesarios.

Finalmente, le informamos que los datos de carácter personal que figuran en el expediente se conservarán con la finalidad de mantenimiento de un histórico de casos y expedientes tramitados por el despacho.

El suscriptor del presente documento garantiza la veracidad de los datos personales y de salud aportados. Asimismo, se compromete a comunicar cualquier modificación que se produzca en los mismos.

En el caso de que en el presente documento o en la documentación aportada se incluyan datos de carácter personal de otras personas físicas distintas del suscriptor del presente documento, el suscriptor deberá, con carácter previo a su inclusión, informarles de los extremos contenidos en los párrafos anteriores.

De acuerdo con la Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre. Vd. tiene derecho en cualquier momento a acceder, rectificar, cancelar u oponerse al tratamiento de los datos referentes a su persona incluidos en nuestras bases de datos dirigiendo un escrito a SIRVENT & GRANADOS ABOGADOS, S.L.P.: C/ Aguere, 15 - Edificio Torres de Cristal (Torre 3) - Local Bajo B; 38005 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife); adjuntando copia del DNI por ambas caras y dirección a efectos de notificación.”